I teach the first-year course Controversial Questions. In this course I lecture on controversial questions like “Is it morally wrong to eat meat?”, “What do we owe to those in extreme poverty?”, “Should immigration be unrestricted?” and “Should we be able to modify the genes of our offspring?”.  I also teach Logic and Argumentation as well as 3rd Year / 4th Year courses Free Will and Moral Responsibility and The Metaphysics of Possibility.

Before coming to Aberdeen, I taught classes at UMass, Amherst College, Smith College, and Oxford.

At UMass I learned the craft by TA-ing for Kevin Klement, Jonathan Schaffer & Casey Perin.  Kevin taught me how to put together a course webpage.  Jonathan taught me the pedagogical power of waiting out the silence after asking a question. And Casey taught me that some people are a lot more eloquent than me.  I also had the opportunity to teach my own classes including intro logic, intro philosophy & philosophy of religion.

At Smith College, I had the honor of teaching with the nationally renowned logical power duo Jay Garfield and Jim Henle. They taught me how entertaining and engaging a logic class can be.  I also had an enjoyable term teaching intro philosophy at Amherst College.

At Oriel College, Oxford I taught intro and intermediate logic and I was a tutor for philosophy of mind and philosophy of logic and language. I was also lucky to co-teach a grad seminar in philosophy of time with Oliver Pooley, who taught me about proper time, super time and getting a respectable 10K time.